Leszek Zawadzki

Hello 👋,

my name is Leszek Zawadzki. I'm an entrepreneur, a digital product designer and consultant, and occasionally a lecturer.

Some time ago (2010) I co-founded Chop-Chop (exit 💸, 2017), at that time one of the largest web development companies in Europe. Then, more recently (2017), The Rectangles 🚀, an incremental UX design and CRO agency which I run with my lovely fiancée wife ❤️ Alina Prelicz-Zawadzka. We both created a UX tool User Centered Design Canvas.

Now (2023) our team is building Juo, subscription infrastructure for ecommerce.

I teach taught UX design at The University of Wrocław.

I live in the countryside 🏡, in a small village near Wrocław, Poland, but you can also see me in ⚓ Gdynia quite often. I'm a happy man, who loves his life.